Getting Your Apt Organized: The Fall Closet Swap

October 2, 2013 at 4:47 pm Interior Design

By Emily Matles0309organized-closet_fa

No matter how small or large your closet is, getting it organized will make life a lot easier. With fall already well underway, it’s time to get your closet in step with the season – that means reorganizing your clothing, bringing the cold weather ware to easily accessible locations in  and stowing your summer stuff. This article will guide you through how to set up your fall closet. As a general guiding principle, keep in mind the 80-20 rule – i.e. we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time.

Get prepared

First, head to Bed, Bath and Beyond or the Container Store to buy some vacuum-seal bags (Ziploc has some good options) and under-the-bed bins (I recommend these bins from The Container Store). Under-the-bed bins come in handy for storing summer clothes and accessories and vacuum sealed bags are a good way to preserve your clothes. My strategy is generally to remove all summer clothes and accessories from my closet- excepting a bathing suit in case you swim for exercise or plan a weekend getaway – and then inspect each item to determine whether they need to go to the dry cleaner or need to be washed.  Also check for any missing buttons, snags or broken zippers.  It’s better to address these issues while they’re top of mind as opposed to waiting til next season when you pull them out again for the first time.  After checking your clothes and sorting the in-need of dry cleaning/tailoring from the good stuff, fold and seal the items to be stored in the vacuum sealed bags and stowed in the bins.  Folding is a pain, but it’s worth spending some time doing it as opposed to simply stuffing it in a bag because neatly folded clothes will help you save space.


Next move on to your fall clothing and take inventory. Decide which items you’re actually going to wear this season. The clothes and accessories you are no longer going to wear can be donated or sold online


Donation Locations

Places to sell your clothes

Tips for Setting Up Your Closet

  • Clean your closet by wiping down the shelves, cleaning and vacuuming the floor.
  • Buy all the same hangers. I highly recommend clos-ette too’s slimline hangers.
  • Organize hanging garments by type and color, keeping like with like, shirts with shirts, pants with pants, and so on. Separating your clothes by color taps into how your eye naturally takes things in and allows you to view your options for a given outfit at first glance.
  • Put what you wear most in “Prime Closet Real Estate”. Items you wear most should be in a place that’s most accessible and easy to reach.
  • Fold your sweaters. This will prevent hanger marks!
  • Contain what doesn’t hang. Use containers to hold accessories such as scarves and hats. I like Muji’s containers.


Tips for Shoe Organization

For flats and heels you have a couple of options. You can either set up a shoe rack on the floor. For example, this tiered shoe rack from the Container Storethese see-through boxes or this hanging shoe organize. As for boots, you can preserve them by storing them upright and stuffing them with a magazine, tissue paper, rolled manila file


Tips to Ward Off Pests

  • Use cedar hangers instead of plastic or metal ones. Cedar contains natural oils that kill clothes-moth larvae.
  • Stow sachets, like these ones found at The Container Store filled with lavender in your drawers to protect your woolens. Keep in mind that this will simply ward off moths not not kill their eggs or larvae.
  • Another natural moth repellant found at The Container Store are these little packets that can easily be tossed in garment bags and in between stacks of clothing.

Now! It’s time to go out and get geared up! Check out the following local Bed, Bath and Beyond and Container Store locations:


Bed Bath & Beyond

  • 410 East 61st Street
  • 1932 Broadway at 65th Street
  • 620 Sixth Ave between 18th and 19th
  • 270 Greenwich St btw Warren & Murray St

Container Store

  • 58th & Lexington
  • 629 Sixth Avenue

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